Property Type:Non-owner occupied residential. 
(Single family and multi-family up to 30 units.)
LTV:1-4 units
Up to the lesser of 80% of acquisition and rehab costs or 65% of after repaired value (ARV)

Multi-Family up to 30 units 
Up to the lesser of 75% of acquisition and rehav costs or 60% of ARV
Term:Typically 9 months, but can range from 3-36 months

CF’s money is direct and private. We commonly fund “fix and flip” investors. In addition, JCF lends to investors that acquire and lease properties as well as new construction (ground up only) and funding at auctions for select customers. We also offer cash-out refinances. We do not lend on owner-occupied properties. 

For a conversation about your business needs or for more information about our loan products and property types, please contact us. 

Programs to help Brokers

At JCF, our goal is to help brokers grow their business. We know how to deliver repeat business so brokers can capitalize on the marketplace opportunity. According to the National Association of Realtors, from 2003-2013, investors purchased on average 1.3 million homes (over $180 billion) annually.

Benefits of borrowing from JCF:

• Increased buying power. We issue lines of credit up to $5 million

• Exceptionally quick loan approvals and closings

• Transparent and “common sense” underwriting

• Flexible programs

• Extensive nationwide experience in this industry (Management has 50 years of real estate lending experience and has closed over $3 billion in renovation loan)

• Assist in the sourcing and sale of properties

• Institutional capital always available to meet demand. We lend our own funds, we are not a broker

• No prepayment penalty

• Renovation funds are advanced in draws

• We can help you partner with: professionals that have equity capital to fund your deals; or professionals that have properties if you have equity

• Loans for single and multi-family, up to 36 months

• We close loans up to $5 million